Elokin, Hendrix and Nath with the 2 mud crabs

Day 389: Quondong. Barred Creek Day Trip

Thursday, 26 June 2014                                                                                              36.4kms

After schooling this morning Nath and I went for a walk on the beach. Nath had a swim and I took photos. We found some hermit crabs as we were walking back along the sand. One had hold of the other and it looked like he was trying to either eat the other one or get it out to take its shell. It was quite interesting to watch, but after a while I decided to leave them to it.

In the afternoon, we went back to go back to Barred Creek for more mud crabs. This time with the intentions of doing a ‘how-to’ video for hooking, cleaning and cooking them. Again the tide was on its way out and we had about 2 hours before it would turn. Plenty of time to get some muddies and get back out. We traipsed across the same muddy creek as before but turned left and headed into the mangroves further this time. We videoed Nath explaining how to use the hook and then he wandered off a few steps for the video. At this point I am just about to stop recording, when Nath says “come over here”. Too late. I stopped. He said to me “You’re not going to believe this. There is a huge mud crab just sitting here in the little stream, not even in a hole. He is eating a bit of fish”. I wandered over and sure enough, there was a huge mud crab. I recorded Nath trying to hook him and it took a couple of goes as it was so big that the hook didn’t go over the shell properly. Plus it was super heavy it was bending the hook. He did get it into the bucket and then he found two more in one hole. The first was a smaller female and the second was a large male that threw both nippers in the process. The female didn’t have eggs, but we let her go as we don’t like to take females if we don’t have to and the two males were enough for us to have a feed. This had taken only about 15 minutes, so Nath and Elokin decided to wander further and see if they could find another one or two to record. After about 15-20 minutes, they returned without seeing anymore. We then headed back to camp with our two crabs to clean and cook them before sunset. On the way home we stopped for Elokin and Hendrix to collect pandanas nuts.

When we arrived back in camp, Nath took the crabs in the bucket down to the beach to collect some clean salt water. The tide was a long way out so he had quite a distance to walk. While he was gone I heard a quad bike on the track near us. It was moving slowly and then it stopped and I heard a lady calling quietly “Help,” followed by another quite “I’m stuck”. This happened a couple of times and I was straining to try to work out what was happening on the other side of the bushes. My first thoughts were kids playing a game, like mine do all the time. But I then heard a male voice and the bike turn off. The woman again said that she needed help and was stuck. Now, as soon as I hear a woman calling for help and a male voice in the same vicinity, I tend to avoid the situation as I don’t want to end up getting hurt myself. Nath arrived back then and I told him to Shhh and listen as a woman was calling for help. He didn’t stick around to hear and took off down the road, me hot on his tail. When we got round the bend we found 3 men putting the quad bike back on its wheels and a woman sitting off to the side of the road, her face covered in blood. Oh no. This didn’t look good. Another lady had run back to get her first aid supplies, so I turned to look back towards home and found Hendrix making his way to us. I yelled at him to stop and go home and for once in his life to not ask why, just do. I ran home as well to grab all of our first aid supplies as I thought they would need them. As I got into the car (we have a lot), Nath arrived and told me to go to the OKA and get her husband. I did just that and took off at a million miles per hour. I picked him up and told him that his wife had rolled the quad, an ambulance had been called and she had a nasty gash above her eye, as that is what Nath had seen and told me. He asked me if an ambulance was needed and I replied “yes, there is a lot of blood, it is needed”. When we got back I realised that wasn’t all that she had done. Face planting the ground had made a mess of her nose as well. They seemed to have everything under control for now, so I took the car home and found Nath ready to record the cleaning and cooking of the mud crabs.

Just as we finished the cleaning part, and I hadn’t even pressed stop, one of the guys from the scene of the accident that had rung the ambulance came to ask if we could go out to the road and wait for the ambulance to guide them in. Nath said no worries, so he turned the burner off as the crab cooking would have to wait. A few minutes later, Nath and both kids left. I decided to stay in camp, and to be honest, I am not sure why. Within moments I was wishing I had gone with them as I didn’t really want to be left in camp on my own as it got dark. I decided that I would try to amuse myself and clear my mind by working on some photos, with music playing. That was short lived and it wasn’t working anyway. But then I realised that it was now dark outside and thought I had better go and check on the people assisting the injured lady to see if they needed anything. They were all okay and the patient was very calm. Not long after that I heard our car coming with the ambulance behind it. The ambulance guys started checking her over and to be honest I started to feel woozy. Best for me to get out of there, so Nath took us home. The kids were still waiting patiently in the car. Back at camp I still wasn’t right so I had a chocolate for a sugar fix, some water and sat down. I then videoed Nath cooking his mud crabs. But we didn’t get to eat them tonight, we will have them for lunch tomorrow.

Finally, about 2 hours after the lady crashed her bike, we heard the ambulance taking her to Broome. That was a long wait and I don’t think I could have done it. I think it will take me a while to get over this, but obviously nowhere near as long as that poor lady and her husband. He is now packing up his OKA to drive to Broome hospital to be with his wife.


Until next time…. Happy and Safe Travels.

2 thoughts on “Day 389: Quondong. Barred Creek Day Trip”

  1. I’m really enjoying your stories and great photos. That was an upsetting event, with that awful accident. Hope that works out OK and has a happy ending. You all look so healthy and what a lifestyle. Take care. Love Bev

    1. Thanks Aunty Bev. So do I, but I doubt we will ever know.
      We are having the time of our lives! 🙂 Hope all is well over there and we will see you at Christmas! Lots of Love xoxo

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