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Day 456 – Day 463: The Lodge at Dundee – Coolalinga Caravan Park, Darwin

Monday, 1 to Monday 8 September 2014                                                            395kms

Our week at Darwin was a busy one. On our first day while we were shopping our starter battery in the car died. Luckily there was a Repco across the road and Nath was able to buy us a new battery. Elokin and I went to the music shop and found her an Irish Tin Whistle to learn to play.

Camp in Coolalinga Caravan Park
Camp in Coolalinga Caravan Park

We had a list of “jobs” to do. New tyres for the car. These we got from Goodyear in Darwin city. Wrangler Duratrac were recommended to us as we usually get the MT/R with Kevlar, but they don’t last us very long, they wear unevenly and are noisy on the road. Plus we aren’t really 4x4ing, so the Duratrac seemed like a good option. Same load rating, we will get more kms out of them, they will wear evenly and will be quieter on the road. The only negatives are they aren’t as aggressive in tyre tread (they aren’t muddies after all) so Nath is concerned that when we need them in mud they will let us down, and they don’t have Kevlar in the sidewalls. We told the guy that we do a lot of corrugated dirt road driving and were assured they wouldn’t let us down. Plus, they are cheaper!

Goodyear Duratrac tyres
Goodyear Duratrac tyres

The van got new shockys welded on at Northern Van Repairs. If you need anything done on your van, see Chris and he will sort you out. He was really good to us. He didn’t charge us for any more than the time he worked on the van (he had lots of interruptions) and did a great job. We saw Dave at Voyager Trailer and Parts for advice on how the new mounts should be done and he gave us the metal for free with a drawing for Chris. The shockys came from Burson Parts and we got them for cost! All in all, it cost us $265 to get new shocks and mounts.

Now the fun stuff. Both Elokin and Hendrix celebrated a birthday while we were there. There was lots of cake and presents and fun to be had. We went to the Wave Lagoon with Bruce and Ally as well as all of the FREE water parks around Darwin. It is so cool, they have waterslides for FREE!!! We had races on them and had a blast. We had dinner out on both nights and Hendrix’s was at Mindil Beach Night Markets with Bruce and Ally. The fire show was even better than last time and it was still the same guy as 4 years ago.

We also celebrated Father’s Day! (By going to the doctors and bunnings). Actually if you ask Nath it was a crappy father’s day and we will have to make it up to him.

Hendrix and Elokin got their faces painted at Bunnings on Father's Day
Hendrix and Elokin got their faces painted at Bunnings on Father’s Day

Until next time…. Happy and Safe Travels.