Hendrix with his blue-nose salmon

Day 464 – Day 468: Coolalinga Caravan Park – Jungle Camp, West Alligator Head, Kakadu N.P

Tuesday, 9 to Saturday 13 September 2014                                                     302.3kms

While we packed down the camper, Elokin and Hendrix went and kicked the soccer ball around with Hendrick from Germany. He showed them how to do some tricky things with the ball, and they loved it.

On our way out on Arnhem Highway, we stopped at Window to the Wetlands, the visitor centre up on the hill. It was awesome. We read the interactive information signs, watched a movie on the seasons of Kakadu and Arnhem Land, and listened to a ranger talk on the viewing deck up top. We spent over 2 hours in there.

We spent 2 nights at 2 Mile Hole, on the road to West Alligator Head in Kakadu. We had an agile wallaby move in with us and become our pet for the time. When we walked down to the river for a fish, she followed along behind and then back to camp.

We launched the boat at the “boat ramp” next to camp and went for a fish in the Wildman River. It was an interesting and scenic river as it snaked its way towards the ocean. We saw 2 crocodiles and caught only 3 catfish, no Barramundi. Elokin was skipper for the afternoon, as she had turned 8 and said she could now drive the boat. She did really well, hugging the banks and the snags to maximise our chances of catching the fish.

The next morning we packed up and moved to Jungle Camp at West Alligator Head. Elokin decided in the morning that now she was 8 she could also drive the car. So with the camper in tow, Elokin let out the clutch in first gear and without a bunny hop, drove the car towards the exit. She changed into second gear using the pedals and steered without incident. Turns out she could drive the car.

Elokin driving the car
Elokin driving the car

Our Jungle camp was in dense rainforest on the edge of a mangrove alcove. With trees soaring above us and lots of beautiful palms to admire, it was one of the best camps we have had. Lots of shade to escape the oppressive heat and a breeze to keep the sand-flies at bay. The entrance to Jungle Camp is a narrow, tight-turned track in dense, overgrown rainforest. There is only 2 camp sites and our camp is the only place to turn around. A few times I had to flag cars to stop before they descended into our camp and got stuck.

On Friday morning, we headed to Pococks Shed to the beach. Hendrix caught a blue-nose salmon and we saw a crocodile swim past in the blue water. Thankfully he didn’t come anywhere near us as he cruised along the beach.

The next morning we went to Middle Beach for another fish and this time it was Nath that caught the blue-nose salmon. I found a tree to sit beneath for shade as the sun was blazing down on us.

Fishing at Middle Beach
Fishing at Middle Beach

Back at camp, we finally caught a glimpse of the resident croc we had been warned about. Supposedly he was an aggressive bugger that liked to come onto the bank and harass the campers. He must have liked us, as he simply watched from the mangroves before making his way out to see with the outgoing tide. I returned the favour and watched him from the bank with my camera.

Resident Saltie
Resident Saltie

Until next time…. Happy and Safe Travels.

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